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Sept 13th - Mixed Use Expanded Cinema at Tufts Rooftop Garden, Accompanied by Ensemble/Parallax

Sept 5-9th - Your Darkness at Mexicos Laboratorio Experimetal de Cine, Mexico City, Mexico

July 14th - Your Darkness, PIX Gallery, Toronto CAN

July 11th - Ramona, Somerville International Film Festival, Davis Square Theater, Somerville, MA

July 3-7th Your Darkness at  Images Contre Nature, Videodrome, Marseille, FRANCE

June 23rd - Your Darkness to be in  Walthamstow International Film Festival, London, England

June 8 - 10. Ramona to be in Crossroads 2018 Film Festival, SFMOMA San Francisco, CA

June 6 -10,  As Near As Light selected for 25th Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago IL

May 25-27, Your Darkness included in 20th Annual Moviate Underground Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA

March 29-April 1,  Your Darkness selected for Experimental Program of Sleeping Giant Film Festival Jacksonville FL. Curated by Brittany Gravely. 

Prison Island and Ramona selected to be part of London Experimental where films are randomly shown in alternative spaces throughout London, Paris and Berlin.

AgX Film Screening, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA


Immersion A live Nighttime Arts Experience to take place on City Hall Plaza during Hubweek/

AGX, the Boston Analog film collective, will project a series of films/videos and direct animation directly onto the City Hall at various locations. 

September 29 Temportal Currents II   Experimental Sound and Film Metropolitan Waterworks Museum Chestnut Hill, Boston, MA

Conceived as a sort of “live installation,” this second collaborative event between Non-Event and Balagan in the Waterworks Museum seeks to exploit the acoustic and architectural peculiarities of the massive 19th-century pumping station as a non-traditional cinema space and concert venue. Multiple 16mm & video projections by members of the AgX Film Collective, in combination with solo multichannel performances by experimental musicians, Victoria Shen & Asha Tamirisa, will breathe new life into the giant pumping engines of the museum’s Great Engines Hall.

September 12  Bideodromo International Film and Video Festival 2017BilbaoArte Art Center, Bilbao Vizcaya, Spain

Prison Island will be screening.